When Jeppe Hejlsvig studied in Canada, he tasted cross country running – and liked it. He has now signed up for WXC19 and looks forward to a huge event in his home country like WHM 2014 in Copenhagen. We have asked the 26 year old student about his running and his expectations to WXC19.

How often do you run:

“2-3 times a week.”

How many kilometers a week:

“Somewhere between 20 and 40 km. It depends on football, the running programme in my running club and how far I feel like running.”

Who do you run together with:

“Monday and Wednesday in the running club Munke Mose Motion in the center of Odense, where I live right next to and then on my own in the weekends if I don’t have a football match or other plans.”

Why do you participate at IAAF World Cross Country Championships Aarhus 2019:

“Because I love to run and got a taste of cross country running at my semester abroad at Mount Allison University in Canada and I see this route as a cool challenge and amazing experience.”

What are your expectations to IAAF World Cross Country Championships Aarhus 2019:

“To give it all I’ve got and get a unique experience full of mud and hills.”

What is about Cross Country running you like the most:

“I like the hills and how cross country is running at it’s core, because you do not run looking at your watch, you just give it your all and face the challenging terrain on the route.”

How many half marathons have you done:

“I have only run the World Half Marathon Championships 2014 in Copenhagen :)”

Why did you participate 2014:

“Because it was a once in a lifetime experience and I wanted to challenge myself with a new running goal.”

What was your best experience at the World Half Marathon Championships:

“The atmosphere all along the route, the great weather and the support from the audience and friends and family when passing by them out on the route. Afterwards it was how I could see two of my high school classmates had live tweeted about my race and time compared to Wilson Kipketer, whom we overtook at 10k. :)”

Which elements from The World Half Marathon in Copenhagen 2014 do you use to recommend the World’s for other runners?

“Take in the atmosphere and just enjoy the race!”

Name: Jeppe Hejlsvig

Age: 26 years old

Studies: Master’s programme student in Intercultural Studies (German) at the Aarhus University.