Thomas Jacobsen (picture to the right) began his running sessions on the road, but he quickly discovered that, it was something a lot different, which attracted him. In this interview he tells about how cross country running differs from regular running on the road and why it triggers him. Besides that, Thomas is looking forward to the World Cross Country Championships 2019 with joy and expectations.

Off the road and out in nature

In the beginning of his “running career” Thomas participated in many different races – both on the road and cross country. Consequently, he found out, that the cross country running was more appealing to him, “as it is much more fun and exciting to run in the nature, where the terrain offers many challenges and constantly variation.” Besides that, cross country running is always a great experience – regardless of weather and conditions. The more mud and rain the better it gets, if you ask Thomas.

“The best thing about cross country running is, that something new happens all the time, which you have to handle. The time is not that important, as the course determines how it goes. It is more about accomplishing and at the same time pressure yourself,” tells the 41 years old runner from Sorø in Denmark.

World Championship, Moesgaard and friends

Thomas is not going alone to Aarhus. He has gathered a couple of friends, who he practices CrossFit with on a daily basis. Together they will fill up a car and head to Aarhus, where they can share a great experience and have a nice day together. The social community means a lot to Thomas. He and his friends keep each other up to date about various running events on Facebook and as often as possible, they will go together.

“I shared the event in a closed Facebook-group and then it turned out, that several guys wanted to go along with me to Aarhus. In this way we remind each other about such events via Facebook. Some of us runs more than others, so it will definitely be a challenge and an experience for all of us!”

Thomas’ expectations about the World Championship-course

“I was in Aarhus to see Moesgaard Museum during the summer. I had to see, what I had signed up for. Even the area surrounding the museum is going to be tough, and the roof itself will absolutely be an exciting challenge. There are almost no flat meters at all,” tells Thomas with a laughing smile.

Only two years of experience

Thomas started running for just two years ago. Since then he has participated in a great number of running events throughout the country of Denmark. He has also reached many of his subsidiary aims during the last couple of years.

“Of course, it is an advantage to have a race or something in the view, that you can train and prepare for during the training sessions. You just have to find something you like. I started with road running before I realised that cross country running was much more fun to me. It feels good to stretch the limits of what you can do and at the same time get some fresh air to clear your mind once in a while,” finishes the coming World Championship contestant.