Julie Rayfield from Reading Athletic Club in the UK has many years of running experience and especially regarding cross country. She is going to Denmark for the World Cross Country Championships 2019 with Dan and Teresa – also from Reading AC. Dan is new to cross country and will be doing his first races this winter.  Teresa has a brother who lives and runs in Denmark, which gives them a perfect opportunity to visit Aarhus. In this interview Julie tells about her expectations to the WXC19 and why she loves cross country races.

How often do you run and how many km?

I run 4-5 times a week and 30-49 km.

Have you participated in any other huge running events? If so what was your best experience?

I’ve run in the London and Amsterdam Marathons and the English National cross country Championships, but my best experience was The Great Ethiopia Run, which was a moving carnival of running, dancing, chanting and everyone having a great time.

Do you prepare a lot before a race?

That depends on the race.  For races I consider important I will carefully plan the training and taper before the race day.

Do you have any other races in mind before the World Cross Country Championships?

I will be running plenty of cross country races in the UK and I will be using the World Cross Country Championships to prepare me for The Big Sur Marathon in April.

What is your experience of cross country running?

Cross country races are my favorite type of running races and I have been doing them for over 25yrs.  I even organized a cross country race out in Dubai when I lived there, because I missed the challenge so much.

What is it about cross country you like the most?

I love getting out in the countryside no matter what the weather is doing and testing myself against the natural environment.  I also quite enjoy getting muddy!

Why do you participate at the World Cross Country Championships Aarhus 2019?

I want to experience what it is like to run in a World Cross Country Championship and watch the top runners over the same course I have run.  I think the atmosphere will be great and I look forward to visiting Denmark.

What are your expectations of the World Cross Country Championships and what makes it so special and different from other events?

The Championships will bring together the world’s best runners from track, road and other disciplines.  The varied and testing terrain makes it hard to predict the winner.

What do you think about that Recreational runners can participate alongside the very best runners in the world?

I think it is a great idea to allow non-elite runners to experience the same course and atmosphere as the top runners.

Have you thought about the course at Moesgaard Museum?

I think it will be great fun to run over the museum roof.

Have you signed up to the race with anyone else?

I have signed up with two club members and hope to persuade a few others to join us.