The entire world is watching the IAAF/Mikkeller World Cross Country Championships 2019. Get the overview here on how you can watch the WXC 2019 that takes place on March 30th 2019 in Aarhus at Moesgaard Museum. 

When the WXC 2019 takes place on Saturday, it will be with the spectators from all over the World as 60 TV stations are broadcasting live from the event. 

The very innovative WXC course in Aarhus has caught the entire World’s attention including the many national elite runners that are arriving to the WXC-city of Aarhus these days. 

In an entertaining Twitter Tweet New Zealand’s national elite runner Matt Baxter said this about the WXC course after his first training session on it: 

”This course is not just undulating, it climbs and drops. You never get a break… The uphills will hurt you and the down hills will break you. Good luck finding a place to catch your breath. This course is not just undulating, it climbs and drops. You never get a break… The roof… This thing is a man made mountain… Bring walking poles and be prepared to get down on your hands and knees… There is a tent part way up where you can collect your soul after the race. The final straight is downhill… Which at that point really doesn’t matter… Your legs will feel like what a black hole feels like so just hope that you have something left to get over the line. ”, Matt Baxter writes.


The Danes that do not have the possibility to come out to Moesgaard Museum and watch the WXC unfold live, can tune in and follow along when TV2 is sending live from 10.30am to 3.00pm. The commentators will be Jens Berend Christensen, Martin Gottschalk Aksglæde and Henrik Them.


Here you can get a full overview of all the TV stations from around the world that are broadcasting live from the big WXC showdown on Saturday. The countries that are not listed below can watch the World Championships via live stream from IAAF’s YouTube channel.


Bosnia – Arena Sport
Croatia – Arena Sport
Denmark – TV2
Italy – ITRAI
Kosovo – Arena Sport
Macedonia – Arena Sport
Montenegro – Arena Sport
Holland – NOS
Norway – NONRK
Portugal – PTRTP
Serbia – Arena Sport
Slovenia – Arena Sport
Spain – ESTVE
Sweden – SETV4
Turkey – TRT


Botswana – BTV
Burkina Faso – RTB
Democratic Republic of Congo – RTNC
Guinea – RTG
Ivory Coast – RTI
Kenya – Citizen TV
Namibia – NBC
Nigeria – ORTN
Senegal – RTS
Seychelles – SBC
Swaziland – Swazi TV
Tanzania – ZBC 2
Madagascar – ORTM
Burundi – RTNB


Argentina – TyC Sports
Belize – Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Bolivia – TyC Sports
Brasilien – Globosat
Canada – CBC
Chile – TyC Sports
Colombia – TyC Sports
Costa Rica – TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Dominican Republic – Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Ecuador – TyC Sports
El Salvador – TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Guatemala – TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Honduras – TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Mexico – Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Nicaragua – TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Pan Caribbean – Television Jamaica
Pan Latin America – ESPN International (through ESPN Latin America, ESPN Dos and ESPN Caribbean)
Panama – TyC Sports
Paraguay – TyC Sports
Peru – TyC Sports, Spring Media (Sub-Licensee – TDN)
Puerto Rico – NBC Universal, NBC
Uruguay – TyC Sports
USA – NBC Universal, NBC
US Virgin Islands – NBC Universal, NBC
Venezuela – TyC Sports


Bangladesh – STAR Sports India
Bhutan – STAR Sports India
Kina – CCTV
Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea – Galaxia SM
Indien – STAR Sports India
Maldiverne – STAR Sports India
Nepal – STAR Sports India
Pakistan – STAR Sports India
Middle East – Abu Dhabi Media
Republic of Korea – Galaxia SM
Sri Lanka – STAR Sports India


New Zealand – Sky Network NZ